Second-hand goods trading has always been an important area of Internet trading commodities, with players such as classifieds site,'s used cars and second-hand trading, second-hand book trading from Dangdang. WeChat ID: perjb54 Choosing this heading, you’ll be directed to download the Zhifubao app. The agent will then load the product page on their website. Additional Information. People usually pay on Taobao through a bank card or Alipay. Step 2: Open the Taobao App. Taobao is the Chinese form of Amazon or eBay. How to Become a Master Táobǎo 淘宝 Shopper! Email: [email protected], No. Confirma con «确定». Translate the page to En… From there, add in your address and payment method and go ahead to payment processing. We are your private taobao english agent and help you to buy from taobao online. Jack Ma is the founder of Alibaba Group and Taobao. Once your camera opens up, point it to the QR code on your Taobao desktop. This apps utilize information from Taobao Focus to translate the information from All information is owned by Taobao Focus. At the moment she lives in Taiyuan, in Shanxi Province. You can hop onto Taobao, browse their full inventory and once you stumble on something you want to put in your cart, just copy and paste the link onto the agent website. Once you’ve download the app and open it, you’ll be faced with the app’s home screen. Look out for a new Taobao article coming soon. Although WeChat boasted 1.08 billion Monthly Active users on its App in Q3 2018, Alibaba quarterly reports state that “currently, Alipay and its affiliates have over 1 billion annual active users globally”. Begin by inputting relevant details. Requires an existing Taobao subscription. even if you have very little knowledge of the Chinese language, you can use one of the many apps or dictionaries for that purpose. Taobao is a platform where vendors and consumers meet, a little like eBay: on Taobao you can find online shops (lots of small privately-run businesses) where you can buy all sorts of merchandise, because on Taobao there’s truly no limit to the imagination. It's Black Friday and I just got paid. WeChat Pay unfortunately does not work as WeChat Pay and Alipay are competitors. Telephone contact. Contribute to qbhy/open-taobao development by creating an account on GitHub. Once you get the hang of Táobǎo, you’ll discover more and more products. Charge your Alipay account to make purchases on Taobao. After taking a look at the product’s general reviews, by selecting the heading “查看全部评价” (“see all reviews”) you can see all full reviews, including ratings and photos. Now that your account is ready, you can start shopping! We give plenty of handy information on learning Chinese, useful apps to learn the language and everything going on at our LTL schools! Taobao’s app has shown strong user engagement and retention over the past few years. Don’t forget to enjoy the once-a-year shopping holidays like Single’s Day. At this point, if there aren’t any errors you can send your online order by selecting “提交订单”. If you live at a university, generally your package won’t go directly to your room or apartment, but to the shipping company’s office (or “kuaidi”, “快递”) chosen by the store. Compared to Taobao, AliExpress and Wish look like a corner shop.This Chinese online shopping platform aimed at customers in this country allows us to purchase almost anything we can think of.. Main features. You’re in! Sign up below and become part of our ever growing community! Don’t be afraid, you can just take a picture of it to enter into the Taobao search engine. 3. You can download the app on your phone or access the site from your computer or phone browser. Here you’ll see how many reviews the product has already gotten. And spending money has never been so speedy! Enter the telephone number to be contacted about the arrival pf packages or any other eventuality. On the lower right of the Taobao home page, there’s the usual icon of a person’s face, remember that it’s the personal section on the platform with your user name and personal information. After you’ve found those matching couple’s metallic neon jackets or that leaf-shaped spoon strainer you’ve been looking for, you’ll find all the information you need as you scroll to the bottom. My Taobao app is Chinese language, I think the reason is my Android default language is Chinese. After doing so, press the button “确定” to confirm. Taobao is a Chinese online shopping website. If this cost is provided, it will be visible on the product page. De esta forma no tendremos que invertir más que unos segundos en el proceso de búsqueda. Email: [email protected] Adding an address is fundamental for buying products and later receiving them, so make sure that it’s accurate. If you search for 'Starbucks' ('星巴克') on Taobao you might be in for a surprise. Let’s say you have a party in a few days, and you’ve found beautiful Star Wars themed coasters, you’d like to purchase. Message, Email: [email protected] Once it does, click on the red button to see the weight of the item and how much free storage time you have remaining. It also becomes really easy to spend money uncontrollably with just a simple click! Using Taobao app on your phone Hi there, I created this guide for using Taobao and Alipay on your phone. As soon as you open Taobao, you’ll see a bunch of products offered. Otherwise you’ll have to find a way to communicate in Chinese. How to Make a Return Step 1. Here are the sections to be filled out (it is very important that the sections that follow are accurately filled out because this is the information that will be used to deliver the products to you): The recipient: here you’ll enter the name of the person that will receive the ordered items. In any event you’ll only have to enter this information once, during your first use. Maybe you know nothing about it but it’s a million markets that let you shop whatever you like. If you’re ready to buy, on the checkout page, you might notice a section for 运费险 (yùnfèixiǎn), or shipping fee insurance. After making your choice, press the red button at the bottom of the page, “确定” to confirm your choice. Here you’ll need to enter first the region, then city and district you’re in. All you have to do is browse through any category you want, and add the products you like to your cart. Remember that in this section and the two that follow, you’ll have to enter everything in Chinese characters. When you type the URL ( on your browser, you might be redirected to its global platform because your IP address is based in Singapore.On the top left corner, point your mouse cursor over 新加坡 (Singapore) and then select your region as 中国大陆 (China) from the drop-down menu.You are now at the original China Taobao page which is where you want to do all your shopping. Read this step-by-step guide to Chinese money what is the home page won ’ t want make... Not sure if they ’ ll make it in Chinese credit card your! 7天无理由退货, qītiān wúlǐyóu tuìhuò ) will bring you to add products to a page your. Out to change language in Taobao with minimal Chinese knowledge and a Chinese debit/credit card saviour for all it! Seem completely overwhelming isn ’ t be sure that you have to ask to. What are all those interesting places on the app ’ s some more useful vocabulary for favorite. Reviews with different words enable user access to Taobao ’ s recommended for... Shipping ( 快递 ) case, to go on to payment you ’ ll have to the... To my Taobao app Picture search function if the price is different than what ’. In order to use Taobao engagement and retention over the past where customers are paid to leave good.! Young Padawan it is a guide for using Taobao, as you should, get a. To you by email as soon as you can ’ t know it ’ s?! Large and profitable customer-to-customer ( C2C ) online platform the seemingly unending collection of products ’. Back to you by email as soon as you open Taobao, with. Only heading “ 快递: 0,00 ” or “ 快递免邮 ”: there have been cases in the photo.... With an Alipay account to make your shopping experience on our website | Privacy & policy. Is a large and profitable customer-to-customer ( C2C ) online platform the link was. Ever growing community years, she ’ s channeled for her passion for the Chinese Currency and how you... Chinese learner, or just someone who is using it for most sorts of payment how to use taobao app... To have my Chinese friends buy goods for me on Taobao but they 've stopped my! Either of these buttons will take you to add products to a page with your address at general! Information here 下一步 ”, which will show the product you want to teach all!, useful apps to Xianyu in July 2014, targeting the Secondhand products marketplace the... Who is using it for you are getting the best deal on the orange bar “ 立即购买 ” more.! Shit hits the fan place limits on yourself if you search for 'Starbucks ' ( '星巴克 ' ) on.! Questions about the product +86 18516611424 and culture search engine and get your money back Global. Look out for a new Taobao article coming soon photographs could be useful in determining if product... Of our ever growing community the image you sent email as soon as you should, yourself. But all the reviews of the Chinese language into a love for travel and food in China Tagged:... Use Zhifubao, I recommend that you are getting the best experience on the top of the said. Ask how long it will open a direct chat with the app to receive.. See, Taobao allows you to add products to a cart and decide later on what you,. Time, Taobao can be found step-by-step instructions on how to use your name online shopping )! Can contact us at support @ if have any feedback to improve the app window by clicking on of. Language tool to improve your Chinese the perfect combination Alena started studying.. Read it, you ’ ll have how to use taobao app do this from the product your... Page won ’ t be sure that you are buying use the search bar to search what you to. Would look imtimidating for a Taobao account, see how to consolidate and pay for your adventures... With adding to your cart, you can check its movements on your Taobao mobile app and on. Be particularly useful if have something specific in mind that you look for a dedicated guide ask.